TWO Thumbs Up to good customer service from someone whose favourite appliance “bit the dust.” Despite having no receipt, the customer brought it to the store where staff did a receipt lookup. “In less than five minutes, another employee was bringing a new appliance to the customer service bay for us. Five minutes later, I was home, had unpacked and was using the new appliance. That was truly outstanding service.”

A HUGE Thumbs Up to the driver of the Crosstown to Water Street bus. “A special needs passenger accidentally got on your bus and was in distress. You calmed him down by assuring him you would get him on the right bus and get him home. You had a bus going the opposite direction stop to take him the right direction. You then helped him cross the road to the appropriate bus. Great customer service, compassion and professionalism has not gone unnoticed.”

THUMBS Up to the “lovely blond woman who found my wallet at Applebee’s on Sept. 19 and brought it back to me at my house. Thank you so much. I will do the same if I ever find someone’s wallet. I didn’t have a way to properly thank you, so I made a donation to Isthmus Thunder Bay in your honour.”

A BIG Thumbs Down to the city of Thunder Bay. “I have never seen the road into Cenntenial Park in such horrible condition as it is now. With many local residents and tourists using the park, trails and swimming holes along the route, you need an off-road vehicle to travel the road. What are tourists to think or say to fellow travellers? Just because you don’t see the road every day in your travels, doesn’t mean you can neglect it.”

THUMBS Down to city workers who cannot recognize a blue recycling pail with the white arrows logo visible to the street. “This has happened three times now and makes one wonder why bother purchasing this pail. It holds a good-sized clear recycling bag and a blue paper bag and is a much nicer alternative than having crows pick at your recycles all over the street. If there’s a problem with this, why don’t you leave a note attached to the pail explaining what it is.”

THUMBS Up to the city tree truck boys Freddy and Chris “who safely and professionally took down a massive tree across from my house. You both did awesome work. It was also a pleasure chatting with you and thanks for moving my garbage can that blew across my driveway. The city should be proud to have two great workers.”

THUMBS Up and thank you to the volunteers on the accessibility committee who are working to make the city safer and more available to all of those who are attempting to spend more time walking, running and cycling through town. “As a senior, I appreciate your work and your successes. Thumbs Up also to the drivers who are taking more time to watch for us especially as they turn at intersections. I was tempted to give a Thumbs Down to the man who almost hit me this morning but I do know that old habits die hard.


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