‘RECENTLY my vehicle was stuck. Within minutes a kind gentleman, originally from Newfoundland, came to my aid. A comment was made that I will not forget: ‘We live on an island and we have to know how to help one another.’ Three other gentlemen came to my assistance and quickly, efficiently towed me out of my predicament. This experience reminded me that acts of kindnesses in humanity are alive and well. Thumbs Up to all and the man with the truck from Franki’s Pizzeria. You will all be remembered.”

‘THE public school board gets rid of the historic Churchill name and recommends two other names for a new elementary school — Maple Grove (my choice; let’s leave history out of it) and Elsie MacGill, which was chosen. (By the way, Elsie MacGill and the man she would marry were let go by Can Car for having an office romance.) How noble of the board to give a ballot to the present parents but not consider future parents. All public school taxpayers should have the opportunity to vote on this important issue. Seems that the board just wanted to get it off their plate.”

THUMBS Up to Rob, “the lovely gentleman who took time out of his very busy day to change my tire on the Harbour extension on Saturday. I hope my sons would do the same for someone some day. His wife-to-be and mom should be very proud. I was left with such a positive feeling after such a negative experience. Thank you for that!”

THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay golf courses. “For the past three weeks I and many other members have experienced inexcusable service at Strathcona and Chapples. There is rarely a cart girl or even a person working the concession while we are out playing a round of golf. Worst of all water isn’t even provided in between holes. Fix this — hire more people, now!”

THUMBS Up to the wonderful ladies at Russell Tailors who have served the alteration needs of our community for the past 47 years. “Mom and her two daughters have always offered friendly, professional service at very reasonable prices. Their smiling faces will be missed but they certainly deserve their retirement. Thank you.”

THUMBS Down to the Thunder Bay Parking Authority for its mismanagement of the Heart of the Harbour Parkade. “Users who park there daily for work regularly face harassment from loiterers. Stairwells are being used as toilets. Where do our high parking fees go? We need an option for safe, welcoming parking if we want a vibrant waterfront district.”

THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay parks and recreation department. “A child’s swing with a heavyweight harness continues injuring children at Valley Park. A report was called in last month to parks and recreation about a head injury received from the swing. Last Thursday night, we sadly witnessed yet another child injured when the harness crashed down on her head.”

THUMBS Up to a young gentleman walking around Cambrian Crescent last Friday afternoon. “He went out of his way to pick up garbage on the street and off of lawns on his way by. You are an inspiration to our neighbourhood youth. Thank you.”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for the “stagnant mess in the water ‘feature’ at the front entrance of the hospital. Full of algae and garbage it is an ideal insect breeding ground — not what should be around a health facility. If the waterfall can’t be run to circulate water (it does not appear to be operational), the pond should be drained to protect everyone’s health.”


(Originally published June 29, 2019)

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