THUMBS Down to the rude lady who ordered an extremely complicated and specific order at a fast-food restaurant on Arthur Street. “If you plan on ordering like that, expect a couple questions from the cashier to get your order right. This nice young man was doing his best and completed her order. She came back to complain that it was wrong and even went further by saying: ‘I have no idea how you got hired here. You belong on the streets with all your cousins.’ Your racism and disrespect towards this worker was absolutely disgusting. Shame on you.”

THUMBS Up to the City of Thunder bay for installing the speed monitor on Arthur Street/ “It told drivers their speed. It really worked in the 50-km/h zone. Thumbs Down because they removed it and now most go 80 km/h.”

THUMBS Up to the gentleman who was in line at Safeway waiting to pay for a loaf of bread and “paid for my daughters $38 grocery bill as she forgot her wallet at home. She was picking up groceries for me as I was laid up with pneumonia. She was going to run home and get her wallet but this kind man insisted on paying for them. What a kind soul. We will be paying it forward.”

THUMBS Down to the cul-de-sac of Fairbank Place. “Yard debris is dumped in ravines, hockey nets are permanentyl on the street, vehicles park wherever — beside the fire hydrant or on the cul-de-sac. In winter, snow is blown onto city walkways ore pushed onto the cul-de-sac by most. The gentleman with the best-kept yard is chastised for removing snow from the sewer grates and curbs. Go figure.”

THUMBS Up from a stubborn stranded driver. “On the long weekend during supper hour, I was trying to remove and replace a heavy truck tire. I was too stubborn to accept offers for assistance from many drivers who passed by. Finally Frank T stopped and offered his assistance for close to an hour — even with his family in his truck. Thumbs Up to Frank, and also the neighbour on the corner of Mapleward Road and Auto Road. Frank T is are a real asset to our Thunder Bay Police Department with a fantastic attitude.”

(From June 1, 2019)


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