THUMBS Up to Steve who “came to my 96-year-old father-in-law’s aid after a bad fall at Centennial Square parking lot. Thank goodness you helped him and promptly called me. He is recovering at home with a broken arm. You, kind sir, are our hero!”

THUMBS Down to personnel at a local car dealership who “tried to frighten a senior lady into purchasing a new vehicle by claiming her older, well-maintained car with very low mileage was not roadworthy. Thumbs Up to the mechanic at an honest establishment who examined it on a hoist in her presence, answering her questions and allaying her fears by declaring it structurally sound, requiring minimal work to pass a safety. Thumbs Up to savvy seniors who refuse to be taken advantage of.”

THUMBS Up to Kate Clower, the head coach of Lakehead University women’s hockey team. “She won the In Your Neighbourhood party from a radio station and instead of wasting all the leftover food, she posted to give it away on Facebook and donated a huge and delicious meal to a family in need. Class act from an extremely generous individual.”

THUMBS Down to the man in the grey Mazda on Syndicate Avenue on Sept. 7. “You honked your horn and yelled at me to pick up my dog’s non-existent poop. You need to be educated in the difference between how male and female dogs pee. Females squat, which is often erroneously mistaken for pooping. Your anger while behind the wheel of a vehicle is disturbing.”

THUMBS Down to both drivers and roads planning for a needless traffic headache. “The intersection at William and Balmoral, heading west, is most aggravating. It’s enough there are no left turn lanes and I’ve encountered countless times pulling up behind a vehicle without a left turn signal. They usually hit the signal when the light changes green, and many do not at all. If I know you are turning left, I would use the right lane.” Of course, using the right lane presents the challenge of vying for position if the left-lane vehicles isn’t turning as two lanes quickly turns into one after the intersection. “City, please get this fixed.”

MORE Thumbs Down to Thunder Bay drivers “that seem to have forgotten about the Highway Traffic Act. I have never seen so many people making left turns on red lights. It’s not a case that you couldn’t stop. You were already sitting there — and then you simply turned left on a red light. I’m amazed there aren’t more accidents. This is not a good thing to do.”

THUMBS Up, and thank you to John, Maureen and Josh at the McKellar Island bird observatory. “Last weekend, we watched them take the birds from the nets and band the birds and release them. It was a very informative and enjoyable experience. We are really glad we went and we will definitely go again.”


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