THUMBS Up to City of Thunder Bay Roads Division. “I submitted a request online to have a large crack filled on our street and within five days the repair was complete. It was so easy to do. Thank you so much. Awesome job!”

THUMBS Down to the city for garbage on Red River Road between Clarkson Street and County Fair. “I put in a complaint regarding dirty diapers and garbage along the sidewalk about two weeks ago and still nothing is done. There should be some garbage containers, especially at the bus stop as it is a dumping ground there also. Also the bench at the bus stop by McDonald’s has been broken for more than three months . Thumbs Up to the lady that tries to keep the sidewalks clean across the street from McDonald’s.”

THUMBS Up to Axel, who was driving a grey or beige-coloured Sentra on Nov. 7. “He stopped his vehicle and came to the aid of a lady whose wheelchair had run out of battery power at a busy intersection. He not only got her on the level sidewalk, but made sure she got into the lobby of her apartment building. Axel, you’re a good man. You saved the day.”

THUMBS Down to dangerous driving. “Driving east on snow-covered Spruce River Road Nov. 7 around noon, a white-coloured transport truck passed our vehicle. We could not believe the extremely callous and dangerous action of the driver who passed while approaching a blind spot and hill. Someone driving west would have been killed by this irresponsible, foolhardy driver. Please consider another line of work before you kill yourself or someone else.”

THUMBS Down to the pulp truck driver who “roared through the intersection at Arthur and Highway 61 on Nov. 8 at 9:40 p.m. Cars were already entering the intersection; you were fully loaded and going full speed. You did not even sound your horn to warn cars you were not stopping for the red light. A massive accident was avoided because other people slammed on their brakes. Your licence to drive should be taken away. You almost took away my husband and son and potentially a dozen other people. Stop driving now. Or, is there someone who can fire him?”


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