THUMBS Down to the people pulling out of the coffee shop parking lot onto Hawker Road, near Arthur Street. “Why don’t you guys look both ways before pulling out? There have been many times I have almost hit drivers not paying attention. Recently, the woman in a Santa Fe with a pretty chrome Princess licence plate cover almost caused an accident because for some reason she didn’t look to the right. Start paying attention to people before someone gets hurt.”

THUMBS Up to the gentleman in the brown pickup who, on Oct. 30 at the Landmark Inn parking lot, provided a crisp $100-bill to a hitchhiker and his dog Sonya, soaked and tired, in order to afford a motel room for the night. “He did this with no desire for accolades and asked for no praise. Also Thumbs Up to the Landmark Inn, whose staff and management provided the weary traveller and his companion with a room for the night when no one else would. Thunder Bay at its best.”

A BIG Thumbs Up to the city for the recent upgrades to the Volunteer Pool facilities. “Great job, but Thumbs Down for not making the upstairs hall accessible to those who cannot manage stairs. And it’s been that way for so many years.”

THUMBS Down to a black Toyota Rav 4 from a pizza delivery service that “passed us in a school zone on Rosslyn Road on Nov. 1. You sped away, passed another in front and proceeded to (what I think we could still see) pass a third vehicle. I wish there would have been a speed trap waiting for you.”

THUMBS Up to the city personnel who promote the beautiful natural parks Thunder Bay has to offer to residents and tourists alike. However, a huge Thumbs Down to those who are responsible for looking after the roads needed to access these gems. “The road to the Bluffs scenic lookout, the road around Boulevard Lake, the road into Chippewa Park and the road into Centennial Park are all in atrocious condition. I sincerely hope the new city council will make it a priority to upgrade these roads so nature and health-conscious users have safe access to these sites.”

THUMBS Up to the city roads workers who will be clearing and sanding the streets this winter again. “It is not as easy as you may think. The pay may be good at times but family life can get disrupted at any moment for the safety of the public. Good luck this winter; safety first.”


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