THUMBS Up to Tommy Horricks for a terrific show at the auditorium on Tuesday night. “The lighting, costumes, and venue were fabulous. A great evening was had by all. Tommy you are definitely 75 and alive.”

THUMBS UP for Magnus Theatre’s Rocky Horror Show. “Our Halloween Day matinee experience was unparalleled entertainment joy. Superb acting and set. See it before Nov. 10.”

‘ON Halloween night, our un-chipped foster dog managed to break her tie-out, jump the fence and run away. Thumbs Up to five responsible and kind youths who took the time out of their trick-or-treating to return a dog to its home. What they didn't know was that she is a nursing mom. Their reward was getting to see our fur-babies who thank you.”

‘THUMBS/PAWS Up to Dr. Stuart at Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital. I recently had to take my pet in for her final visit. You were professional but compassionate in regard to the options available to me. I appreciated the care shown by you and the staff with the loss I suffered that day. Thank you.”

THUMBS Down to the “snowflake whining about the lack of bike racks at the DaVinci polling station (Thumbs, Oct. 27). Really? Is that the whine of the day for you? How incredibly inconvenient that you had to chain your chariot to a sign post. You're the same type that whimpers whenever someone says something that upsets you. Head to your safe space and have a hot chocolate before you crumble.”

THUMBS Down to Trump-drubbing. “Why are getting continuously bombarded with Donald Trump cartoons several times a week in The Chronicle-Journal's editorial page? Many of them are poorly done and just lame. Does anyone do Canadian-themed humour? Are there no other sources of political amusement out there or is this part of some larger agenda?” (Editor’s note: We use eight Canadian cartoonists and source U.S. cartoons when appropriate. Given the events of last week, three Trump-themed cartoons seemed fitting.)


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