THUMBS UP to Peng You, newly elected councillor at large. “I have lived in Current River at the same address for over 30 years, and politicians have used our fence for signs in every election. Wednesday, I received my very first letter in response, handwritten: “Thank you for displaying my election sign on your property.” Sure glad I voted for this man. Looking forward to all the good work he will be doing for our city. Congratulations!”

THUMBS Down to polling stations that don’t accommodate all voters. “I cycled to the DaVinci Centre to vote on Monday and circled the whole building in search of a bike rack. I eventually had to chain my bike to a sign on the grass in order to go inside and vote. An official polling station should have reasonable accessibility accommodations available for all kinds of residents — not just the ones with motor vehicles.”

THUMBS Down to the citizens who give money to the beggars on street corners. “I watched a group of them take their money to the LCBO to purchase a celebration drink. If people stop giving them money they might find another way to make a dollar. Instead of giving them money, give it to the soup kitchens or organizations that can really help the homeless.”

THUMBS Up to Soroptimists International Thunder Bay for hosting a successful Two-Bit Auction in support of Precious Bundles and the TBRHSC Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Treatment Centre. “The baskets ranged from $80- $275. Wow, what a bargain for a 25- or 50-cent bid. Thumbs Down to the few in attendance who felt this was too costly. You put your hand up to place a bid, you received your numbered ticket and then deliberately forgot to put your two bits in the kitty, time after time. Shameful!”

THUMBS Down to well-known thrift stores with concerns about declining donations. “Perhaps one reason is that people hesitate to donate to a thrift store that now charges prices close to regular-bought store items. Your prices have gradually crept up and now it is not reasonable or affordable to many. Remember that everything you sell has been donated free by the public. Your prices should reflect this fact.”

THUMBS Up to the staff at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. “I unfortunately had to take my 3-year-old to the emergency department and all the staff were amazing. The nurses and doctors who we interacted with were so supportive, informative and great with my son. I could not have asked for better care. Keep up the good work!”


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