THE threats against Hammarskjold High School along with the closures, investigation and arrests have drawn various reactions. A reader, who said those making the threats against the school “initiated and participated in terrorist activities,” gave a Thumbs Down to the courts for releasing on bail an adult accused in the case. Another readers writes: “This is no joke. . . . It is disheartening to hear my friends knock the police. People think the police should have caught those responsible (sooner) and have no faith in them. I am sure the authorities (were) doing all they can to find the culprits. Let’s give the police the credit they deserve and support them.” Gratitude was shown for others: “The biggest Thumbs Up to all who worked so hard, maintaining their patience while most of us waited anxiously for a resolution to the threats made to a local school. Thumbs Up to the students, staff, parents and guardians of that school who kept putting one foot forward.” Finally, a reader reminds us that a smile goes a long way, especially in crisis: “Big Thumbs Up to our school police officers at Hammarskjold for greeting students with a positive attitude and a big smile during a very stressful time. Viking strong!”

WINTER’S retreat reveals months of mess each spring that prompts many Thumbs Down on the same subject. “How can we call our city ‘Superior by Nature’ if it’s full of litter and dog feces? We should take pride in our city and have respect for nature. It’s disheartening to see the streets and trails so disgusting,” writes one reader. Another offers an idea to address the problem at the source: “My suggestion for a new silly sounding but actually sensible law: If you are walking a dog you must have a bag with you — preferably paper — to dispose of any doggie do-dos. I see too many people ignore their pet’s smelly contribution to the environment. A significant fine could be used to fund animal rescue and protection organizations.”

THUMBS way Up for the board and volunteers who organize the Pizza Project each year to expand Grade 3 student knowledge about agriculture and nutrition. “The origin of each ingredient in pizza is explained with interesting exhibits, including cheese production, milking cows, calves and machinery. Each child leaves with their own tomato plant. Bravo. Your efforts are appreciated.”

THUMBS Down to the poppies that were left as litter on Remembrance Day at Waverley Park. “They are strewn all over the park and some still have pins in them. Paying your respect on Remembrance Day should never involve littering and potentially harming someone.”

(From April 20, 2019)


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