THUMBS Up to the friends and neighbours in the area of Junot park. “These folks plant and weed the flower gardens, water the young trees and pick up garbage in the park and along the pathways. Two Thumbs Up to Matt and Sue who make up the watering schedule. This couple works with the city department to ensure that Junot Park remains one of the most beautiful parks to visit.”

THUMBS Down to the driver who backed into our vehicle at a local restaurant on Saturday night and fled the scene. THUMBS Up “to the witness who saw you and took fantastic photos of your black Chevrolet including your licence plate. The police and your insurance company will be contacting you shortly.”

THIS is a grateful Thumbs Up to Jimmy at an Algoma Street music store. “Three of us went into the store on Saturday afternoon with a problematic violin bow. Jimmy identified the problem right away and then took almost a half an hour to rosin the bow so it would work properly. The grandson came straight home and practiced for over an hour. What wonderful customer service. We are very grateful to you Jimmy for your help, especially the grandson who was getting frustrated with the bow.”

THUMBS Down to the incredibly rude man at an Arthur Street coffeeshop on Oct. 6. “After listening to you use the f-word over and over, I asked you to stop saying it. I then had to listen to your lecture about freedom of speech. It’s a coffeeshop, not a bar room. There are children present. And even if there weren’t children, adults shouldn’t have to sit there and listen to you talk like that. Save your swearing for coffee with friends at your house.”

THUMBS Down to our dentist who retired without any notification. “I showed up for my six-month checkup and cleaning and walked into a new dental practice with all new staff and dentists. I think he should have notified his clients of his retirement and of the new practice taking over. We were regular clients for more than 30 years and I think we deserved better than that.”

THUMBS Up to Dale and Shirley for “our excellent paper delivery just west of Kakabeka Falls. Rain, snow, all kinds of weather, the paper is there.”


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