THUMBS DOWN to the 50-something year man who held down and assaulted a man who was clearly homeless and trying to steal meat from a north-side grocery store on Sunday afternoon. “I get it. People should not steal, even when they live in poverty and deal with trauma and addiction. But I also don't support pouring your rage out on someone and pretending it’s a citizen's arrest, while the complicit store management bystander-effects-around and does not call the actual police. A sad day for humanity. No justice for the poor.”

THUMBS DOWN to the Blues Festival parking who designated the majority of parking for VIP people and had limited handicap parking. “Every time we tried to park in the handicap section we were told the only spots left were for able-bodied VIPs. Shame on you. Thumbs Up to the security team who were very considerate.”

THUMBS UP to the “very kind and honest person who returned my purse to the Dawson Street Walmart customer service with all of its contents, including cash, still inside. I can't thank you enough. Honesty and integrity is a rare thing these days. I am very grateful you were the one to find my purse. Thank you. And God bless you.”

THUMBS DOWN to a local artisan/craft shop on Cumming Street. “This shop recently hosted a clearance sale on the same day I purchased something for full price ($40) from their retail shop. I understand clearance items should not be returnable or even exchangeable from local merchants. But since my item was regular price, I only wanted to exchange it as it didn't fit the intended space. Sadly, their response just encourages me not to shop local and to buy from chains where returns and exchanges are welcomed.”

THUMBS UP to Chris B. who rescued a loose dog on a rainy early morning and “contacted the extremely thankful dog-sitter who was worried about explaining the loss to his two young great-granddaughters. Thanks, Chris!”

THUMBS UP to a local school bus driver. “At the end of the very last day of school, our daughter forgot one of her beloved stuffies on the bus. Much to our surprise, Suzanne who drives the South 01 bus, hand-delivered the lost item to our home. Thank you so very much Suzanne. We hope to have you back in the fall. Have a great summer.”

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