THUMBS Up to the producers and sponsors of Live At the Waterfront. “Classified and Five Alarm Funk put on fantastic concerts. This old lady was up front rockin’ on with all the youngsters and had a total blast! Thank you. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer.”

THUMBS Up to the city for organizing “the fantastic Live at the Waterfront Wednesday night events. Thumbs Down for not having the public washroom facilities open. There were five port-a-potties set up outside the building but the lineups were horrendous. Why were the washrooms locked? At city parks they are open until 11 p.m.

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay drivers who still do not understand how to manage driving around bike lanes on city streets. “It doesn’t matter how big and purple my bike is, how many lights and reflectors I have or how many hand signals I use, if you do not know the rules of the road I will still be the one who will end up DEAD! Maybe you drivers should be the ones to give up the vehicle and start riding a bike so you can witness how dangerous you are to people who use other methods of transportation.”

THUMBS DOWN to the people who post signs about their yard sales on hydro and telephone poles, community mail boxes and the like “and never take them down after the sale day is over. Isn’t there a city bylaw against this?”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay Fire Station 6 as well as Chris, Ashley and Freddie D from the City of Thunder Bay. “A recent wind storm blew over a huge limb blocking my sidewalk and the fire hydrant. All involved parties were quick to attend the situation and safely remove the entire 50-year-old tree in my yard. Kudos to you all!”

THUMBS UP to a young lady on the north side of the city. “Every day that it is sunny this woman, garbage bag in hand, goes around our building picking up cans, plastic bottles, paper and newspaper flying all around. The area around our building has never been cleaner. We want her to know that we notice and that it is greatly appreciated. From all of us, thank you very much.”

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