THUMBS Up to compassion. “A lovely woman saw my deep hurt and hugged me on Aug. 25 at our local vet hospital. We had just found out our beloved, amazing cat of 16 years had hours to days left. She had troubles before we could even get home so we went back to the hospital. I was beside myself with grief knowing my best friend wasn’t going to be with me for much longer. This compassionate woman hugged both me and my cat. We lost our beloved cat shortly after that and remain heartbroken. Thank you kind soul.”

THUMBS Up to Dr. Matt at Crossroads Veterinary Clinic for “providing the best care for our beloved dog, Teemu. Dr. Matt always went above and beyond for us. He even came in on his day off to make sure he was there when we had to say goodbye to our pup. With heavy hearts, we thank you for your compassion, dedication and professionalism. Rest well, Teemu. We miss you very much.”

THUMBS Down to the heartless soul who dumped a litter of 16 kittens on Lloyd Street at 1 a.m., Sept. 3. “These sweet, adorable kittens spent the cold night alone before they were rescued by three amazing children who saved their lives and have been traumatized by someone’s lack of heart. Shame on you, but Thumbs Up to the nice man from Thunder Bay Animal Services who came to take the kittens to be treated and adopted out. Please call Animal Services if you are interested in adopting. The time is now.”

THUMBS Down to the family who “let their two dogs attack mine at Boulevard. At the very least, you could have apologized for your inability to control them. It could have turned out much worse. There are many little dogs on that walk and if your dogs are that aggressive, find somewhere else to walk or get some proper training. You are at fault, not the dogs.”

THUMBS Up to Tiffany and Michael, “a young couple who stopped and came to check on us after we hit a deer on Highway 61. Your help at the scene and your genuine concern was very much appreciated. Also, thank you to all the other people who stopped to see if we needed help.”

THUMBS Up to “Ken C. and his two grandsons for helping me with my car issues on the way to the mechanic. Very grateful for your help and hope you all enjoyed your bike ride afterwards.”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay Police. “On Aug. 30 we called to report a taxi driver being assaulted by a street person who threw a scorching hot coffee into the driver’s face. The police answer was, ‘Sorry we are too busy right now to send an officer.’ This is how we respond to an assault? Taxi drivers beware as it seems the police put you on the back burner. Our tax dollars hard at work again, taking care of the working public!”


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