WE ARE shovelling through a snowbank full of Thumbs Up and Down submissions related to snow-clearing. Here are a few:

• Thumbs Up “and jumping up and down for joy to the mystery angel(s) who cleared off the snow from the end of the driveways on Essex Court.”

• Thumbs Down “to homeowners in the Conmee and Otto streets area who continually push their snow, slush, and ice onto city streets. Not only is this a bylaw infraction, but . . . it makes it impossible for seniors or people with disabilities to travel through.”

• Thumbs Up to the Marina staff because “the pathways are nicely plowed so that we can enjoy walking there in the winter as well. . . . Thumbs Down to those who walk their dogs at the Marina but do not clean up after them.”

• Thumbs Up to “those on Black Bay Crescent who put their snowblowers to work cleaning neighbours driveways after snowstorms and city plowing.”

• Thumbs Down to Thunder Bay Regional hospital “and the way they have been maintaining the staff parking lots. . . . Staff members vehicles are getting stuck. . . . The least you can do is plow for the employees who have already driven there in hazardous conditions.”

• Thumbs Up “ and a big thank you to Melissa and her friends on Jewell Street for clearing so many driveways on Monday.”

• Thumbs Up “to Brad Adams and city crews for the roads division. Our street (Detroit) was cleared and sanded the morning after two consecutive huge snowfalls hit the city over the past three weeks.”

• Thumbs Up to the snowplow driver who cleared Prospect Avenue between Red River and Hebert on Jan. 8 — “a neighbour had missed his first pass and he kindly returned to finish up after he moved his truck . . . such a great job on a very narrow street.”

• Thumbs Up to the person who plowed “everyone’s driveway on Vintage Crescent after the street was plowed and all of our driveway entrances were blocked with a very high amount of heavy snow.”

THUMBS Up to Caroline who runs the Tuesday night aquatic class at Churchill pool. “She is the best. When you leave her class you know you definitely got your money’s worth. She should be doing the Thursday night classes too; then I would come to that one. A very energetic teacher she knows everything about muscles that you use.”

THUMBS Down to smokers who “insist on getting in one last puff a few feet from a public building, discarding their butt by the door and bringing a wave of smoke inside in the process. Why can’t they finish their smoke at their vehicle?”

THUMBS Down to the Liberals and Prime Minister Trudeau for making marijuana legal. “Now you can’t go to a restaurant, the show, auditorium, etc., without smelling skunk. When you go to a friend’s house you smell skunk and there are children there. What is going to happen to these children?”


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