THUMBS Up to the individuals who look after the planting and caretaking of the flowers at Hillcrest Park. “The sunken garden is absolutely beautiful. Waverley Park is also lovely with the addition of the poppies at the cenotaph. Well done.”

A BIG Thumbs Up to the new PC government and Doug Ford. “We finally have a common sense government that is ending the free, free, free era of the radical left-wing Liberals. He's keeping his promises and respecting hard working taxpayers.”

THUMBS Down to the nurse at the regional hospital who refused an elderly man a glass of water request “because he was just discharged literally 30 seconds before. Thumbs Up to the security guard and doctor who both overheard this exchange and got the gentleman a glass of water. Not much care from that health-care provider.”

THUMBS Up to help for a lady in a tight spot. “A big thanks to the young man who was able to drive my car very slowly out of a situation in a parking lot on July 24. You truly are a very good representative of the young people today.”

THUMBS Down “to the City of Thuder Bay for having one small sign at the Marina for not feeding the wildlife.” However, a Thumbs Up goes to a canteen worker for telling members of the public about the rule and taking time to explain why they can’t feed wildlife.

THUMBS Up to the Norwest Community Health Centre for “yet again being the only walk-in clinic open on a long weekend.” Thumbs Down to the clients complaining in the waiting room for the wait. “Maybe they should have exercised their other option of going to emergency and see how long they would have waited there. It’s a walk-in clinic and we have no health-care provider so we were just happy to have waited and been seen by these lovely ladies.”

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