A BIG Thumbs Up to Suzanne from Tbaytel for “quickly, cleverly and kindly working to restore our phone and internet service” after the lines were cut while crews were trenching to install a new lamp. An equally big Thumbs Down to condo boards that “act imperiously and wastefully, forgetting many occupants are owners and not renters (and that the condo board is not anyone’s landlord), failing to consult with or communicate significant changes to these owners, and installing a huge, costly, intrusive and unneeded light directly across from a series of street lights because someone said it was too dark.”

THIS concert fan came to hear the music. “Thumbs Down to the people who bring their dog to Live On The Waterfront and it barks lots. Sometimes it might just be best to leave it at home.”

THUMBS Up to Lisa, the manager of a Memorial Avenue gym. “Lisa goes out of her way everyday to speak to members of the gym, know their names and makes it an extremely comfortable environment, even for those that may be intimidated in such an atmosphere. Recently this location brought in all brand new equipment and Lisa made it a seamless transition while continuing to always have a smile on her face. She is all about the customer and strives daily to make your experience a good one. We need more people like her in this city.”

THUMBS Down to neglect and disrepair at Marina Park. “The flower and plant beds throughout the park have become overgrown with weeds, choking out the planted shrubs and plants. The beacons seem to be no longer operative and are rusted and covered with bird droppings. Goose droppings along pathways and the run-down appearance of the train station building add to the general impression of neglect prevalent throughout the park. A concerted effort is needed to clean up and maintain this park in order to preserve its value to our community.”

TWO THUMPS Up for the flowers at Waverley Park. “First for the lovely gardens around the old fountain and second for the thoughtful rows of poppies surrounding the front of the cenotaph. A tribute to the park and city, thank you.”

GENEROSITY abused. “Thumbs Down to the woman I helped out at a grocery store last year. You forgot your bank card and I stepped up and paid (more than $250) and you said you would repay me. You recognized me and gave me your cell number. I waited awhile, contacted you and you said you’d pay me next week. You didn’t and do not take my weekly phone calls. I know you’re probably embarrassed now, but just drop the money in my mailbox and we’ll be even. Otherwise, shut off your phone because I’m going to start calling all hours of the night.”

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