A DISTRESSED ditched driver appreciates the concern of strangers. “Thumbs Up to all the thoughtful people who stopped to check on our well-being on Lakeshore Drive recently. Our vehicle was in the ditch after avoiding a deer on the road. A big Thumbs Up to Sgt. Moscall of the OPP who waited over an hour with us for the tow truck to arrive.”

THUMBS Down to unwanted audience performances. “First time attending a Magnus theatre production and was I really excited. There were two reasons why my experience was ruined. The lady behind me was constantly kicking my chair and coughing. Beside her was a boy between the ages of 8 and 10 with his mother on the other side who had to narrate the whole play. It was distracting and annoying. If you bring your child, they should at least know what the play is about. On a Thumbs Up, the cast was great.

THUMBS Up to “a kind young man who came to help a senior woman who was having a hard time driving out of a condo parking lot on Algoma Street on Dec. 28. He gave suggestions, and then pushed the black SUV as hard as he could. . . . He would not accept any money but gave some good advice on driving downhill all the way home. Thanks, Aaron, you’re a fine person — a pleasure to meet you.”

THUMBS Up to great neighbours. “This is our first winter on Isabella Street East and I’m so impressed with the kindness of our neighborhood. Our car was stuck on the corner last night and two good Samaritans helped us push our car out. Our neighbour across the street helped us this morning with his snowblower. Considering my husband has had two shoulder operations in the past year, you all really have no idea how much you’ve helped us. . . . You all rock.”

BIG Thumbs Up “to the wonderful man in the silver truck with a plow, dropping your blade to clean out the end of our driveway on Friday (Dec. 28) morning. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You drove away so fast we could not thank you or pay you for your services. We will pay it forward.”

THUMBS Up to the man operating a small orange Kubota snowplow “who was going down our street when my son-in-law jokingly pointed to our three-foot by four-foot snowbank blocking out driveway. He waved back and them turned around and what took him 10 minutes would have taken us all day to plow out. We are so thankful and he drove off before we could even give him anything for his time.”


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