A HUGE Thumbs Up to the many kind people “who helped us after my husband suffered a serious fall in one of the far parking lots at the regional hospital. I’m sorry I didn’t get everyone’s name, but thank you to the young couple that called for an ambulance. Thank you to the woman from Fort Frances who comforted me with her kind words. Thank you to the two nurses who came to make sure my husband was OK. And thank you to the ambulance attendants for their professionalism. You made a hectic day a little less stressful for us. Thanks for helping.”

THUMBS Up from the “grateful residents of Pickle Lake to the wonderful men and women on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry water bombers. Thank you!”

Thumbs down to the suggested indoor soccer complex. “Our city is in need of many more things (larger hospital, more city-run old-age homes, climate change initiatives, combating racism etc.) than a vanity project for the mayor. Mr. Mayor, please put this $30 million towards something that will benefit the entire population.”

THUMBS Up to our hospital’s ER staff. “I spent several hours there on Tuesday with a heart problem. Thank you to Dr. Francis and all the staff that took care of me. Everyone was very professional and kind. You are working in such a difficult work environment; I'm sure it's not easy to stay that way. Thanks to all of you.”

THUMBS Down to pushy drivers. “Beware police, there is a predator driving a Porsche, licence BLEH--- on our roadways. Aggressively tailgating bumper on bumper in the centre lane of expressway, with heavy traffic not allowing anyone to move out of the way. All other drivers were going 100+ km/h south. If there was the ability to issue citizen citations I would definitely hope to teach this guy a lesson. This driver knew he was creating a disturbance with several people laying on their horns.”

THumbs Up to Warren of Tree and Tractor Arborists. “He was called about a cat stuck high in a tree for two days and he offered to help without hesitation. The owner had been looking for her cat and thanks to Warren he is now home safe and sound.”

‘I attended the 2019-2022 Corporate Strategic Plan and 2020 City Budget meeting (June 4). To say the least it was disappointing and felt like a huge waste of tax dollars as public attendance was low. However, it was nice to see the city manager acting as security, ushering everyone out by 8 p.m. At least he saved the taxpayer some dollars and we didn't have to pay overtime for the numerous staff members present.”

THUMBS Up from a city visitor to the people of Thunder Bay who “hold their heads high and take pride in the many great things about the city in the face of constant negative comments from the national media. Thunder Bay has so much going for it, let the naysayers be damned.”

THUMBS Down to all the people who decided to leave during the Confederation College Graduation ceremony last Friday. “Yes, these ceremonies often run long, but that does not excuse how rude it looks to everyone else. Next time, either show some decency and manners for all the graduates, or do not come at all.”

Thumbs up to the kids on Fairbank Place who play outside with their hockey nets and basketball hoops. “Love to hear them having fun.”



(Originally published June 15, 2019)

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