KINDNESS goes a long way in health care. “Recently I had the opportunity to have day surgery at the Regional hospital. The expertise of the urologist, anesthetist and nurses made my experience stress free. We are fortunate to have a team of such dedicated professionals in our hospital.”

THUMBS Up for a trio of top-notch doctors — optometrist Byron Advent, opthalmologist Blair Schoales and family medicine practitioner Jeremy Mozzon — “for your professionalism, your compassion, your knowledge and how respectful you are” from a mother whose son had a medical condition discovered. The time and care, including getting specialist care in London, was greatly appreciated.

THUMBS Down to the high school students who litter the streets between Tim Horton’s and Dairy Queen on Cumberland Street and the school. “Is this the trashy environment you choose to grow up in? Oh, I get it, you expect the adults on Court Street to pick up after you as I guess your parents do at home.”

THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay for installing a pedestrian crossover at Toledo and Arundel streets. “I travel in and out of Current River every day and have never seen anyone waiting to cross. I understand the other installations in the city, but this one doesn’t make sense. The area is already well equipped with safety — the bollards, bike/pedestrian paths and speed limit signs. Once activated, I would like to know how many people cross compared to the other sites. The city should spend the money creating an active corridor on Centennial Park Road instead.”

THUMBS Up to a local pharmacy for accepting expired medications for proper disposal. Thumbs Down to a chain pharmacy who said they could only accept expired medications which had come from their location. “Some were so old, that location no longer exists. They say don’t just flush them or put them in the garbage, then they won’t accept them for proper disposal.”

THUMBS Up to crews from Canada that travelled to the Carolinas to help restore electricity after Hurricane Florence, even though “someone in the U.S. has accused Canada as a security risk.”

THUMBS Down to the Thunder Bay Transit driver, who on Sept. 14 “stopped at the northbound stop (on Memorial near Central) to let on five passengers, all of whom had to stumble over four baby strollers that were blocking the aisle to get to the rear of the coach. Nice of him to adhere to transit policy of keeping the aisles clear to allow for people to move freely when entering or exiting the bus. If transit isn’t going to enforce its own rules regarding these baby strollers on city buses, then remove them.”


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