Helping individuals with disabilites or health concerns

Together, we can make Thunder Bay a better place to live for all community members.

The United Way of Thunder Bay supports local agencies and programs that aim to enrich the lives of those living with disabilities or health concerns in our community. We want to ensure that all individuals are safe and cared for and that all individuals can actively participate within our community in healthy and positive ways.

United Way funded agencies provide essential services and support to community members with physical and intellectual disabilities. For example, The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) offers a range of counselling, educational, and support services to persons in the Thunder Bay area who are affected by vision loss. Last year, more than 300 local CNIB clients were provided with access to high tech assistive devices, such as modified computer equipment and braillers, which would otherwise be extremely costly and difficult to access.

“Every 50 minutes, someone in Canada develops significant vision loss” - CNIB

The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) provides communication and hearing health support services to individuals facing hearing loss or hearing difficulties in Thunder Bay. Their Lifeskills and Literacy Program, for example, delivers independent living skills and literacy instruction to hearing-impaired individuals in the American Sign Language. According to the CHS, this is the only literacy program for Deaf adults north of Sault Ste. Marie and is desperately in need of increased funding and support.

“The Northern Lifeskills and Literacy Program continues to be in desperate need for increased funding… Until
additional funding is secured, our Deaf Literacy program and Deaf learners will continue to operate at a disadvantage”
- Canadian Hearing Society

The United Way of Thunder Bay also supports local organizations like Community Living Thunder Bay and March of Dimes that help integrate individuals with disabilities into our community. Community Living Programs, for example, encourage community participation and help foster the development of independent living skills such as taking the bus, ordering off a menu, and paying for purchases – all transferable social skills.

“We help the community develop its capacity to welcome and support people who have not always had the same opportunities as the rest of us to participate in community life in meaningful, productive ways” - Community Living Thunder Bay

Other United Way funded agencies like The Canadian Red Cross (Thunder Bay Branch) are dedicated to caring for individuals in our community with health concerns. The Canadian Red Cross Senior’s Transportation program provides door to door transportation to frail and elderly individuals who have no other means of transportation. This program helps local senior citizens get to and from important doctor’s appointments and helps make their day-to-day activities easier and safer.

When you give to the United Way, you support organizations and programs that help people in our community with disabilities and health concerns. You help to ensure that all individuals are safe and cared for and that all individuals are given the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives and participate within our community.

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