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Former Thunder Bay resident Kim Milani competes at the International Powerlifting Federation’s world championship in Sweden.

Can you win medals at international powerlifting competitions at 50 years of age?

The answer is yes.

Former Thunder Bay resident Kim Milani recently took bronze on the world stage. Milani now lives in Hamilton, Ont., and is a member of the Dundas Valley Powerlifting team.

She recently competed in the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation’s World Championship in Helsingborg, Sweden.

It was a personal goal reached for the mother of two and grandmother of two. It was a serious goal.

“I hired my trainer Ryan Fowler out of Saskatchewan in January of 2018 with the goal to do well at the world championships,” Milani said.

Miliani accomplished a personal best squat of 137.5 kilograms (302.5 pounds) taking the bronze medal in the 84-kg Masters 2 (age 50-59) division. She weighed in at 82.5 kilograms or 181 pounds of muscle.

Her deadlift was 152.5-kg that is 357.5 pounds. These lifts helped Milani take the overall bronze in her weight class on the world stage.

The bronze medalist credited her teammates Francis Manias, Linda Mcfeters and Joanna Rieber with helping her along the way. Milani says success comes from many places.

“It really is a collaboration of good coaching, dedication, persistence, training, commitment and support from other lifters,” she says.

“Kimberly Walford gives me a lot of mental advice. Training is tough we need to peak at the right time. There are eight week cycles and 12 week cycles and they can take a toll on your nervous system. You need the close support of those that understand your goals,” Milani adds.

The competition had over 1100 athletes of those 58 percent were women powerlifters. Canada sent 86 lifters and 36 of those were in the masters age category.

Kim Milani would also like to thank her husband Fabrice Kimenyi for his support her children as well as her biggest cheerleaders her mom and dad — Diane and Don Miliani of Thunder Bay.

Johan Vass is a Thunder Bay-based writer. Reach her at

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