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Thunder Bay’s Lisa McLean-Smagac, a bodybuilding champion, will be part of the bodybuilding show at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium tonight.

The term ‘Girl Power’ has new meaning when you get to meet Thunder Bay’s latest female professional body building star.

Her name is Lisa McLean Smagac and she is a little five-foot tall package of dynamite.

The stage at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was the venue and the Toronto Pro qualifier was the event. McLean-Smagac was the winner of the physique class. There are four classes in the competition — bikini, figure, women’s physique and women’s body building.

I watched her routine via social media and it blew me away. McLean-Smagac has a certain professional star quality. I had to ask her how she is so confident on stage and her answer surprised me.

“I have to credit martial arts forms training from my younger years and cheerleading for giving me confidence on stage,” says the Thunder Bay native.

McLean-Smagac also works very hard. She is in the gym lifting weights six times a week. Cardio is 75 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes at night for seven days a week. That is commitment.

Then there is McLean-Smagac’s strict diet. She eats fish, chicken and egg whites, green veggies and some white rice to round out the regime. You also have to drink plenty of water — and she does that to the tune of four to five litres per day.

This professional is a 36-year old a mother to her son Lucas aged 10 and a wife to husband Chris. She says the support of her family means the world to her and it is key to her success.

McLean-Smagac is also the business manager at Superior Hyundai in Thunder Bay. Her life is truly full. She does admit to being goal-driven but says balance is key.

“I have always been goal driven, whether it was my martial arts or cheerleading, I always have that feeling like what’s next,” she says.

After consultation with her family they are again going to support her when she takes to the stage in Vancouver for another body building competition with many from all over the world. Toronto was an international event as well but she is expecting even stronger competition in Vancouver.

McLean-Smagac has only been at this sport since 2016 and she has come a long way in a short amount of time. I had to ask why so successful this time around.

“I think there were many variables, the trust in my coach Jenna Reid of Belleville, she is also a physique pro so she gets it,” McLean-Smagac says. “I trust her and 100 per cent the support of my incredible family. I am very lucky.”

There is more to the sport than what has already been mentioned on competition day there is hair, make-up, and tanning which can cost more than $600. In this department, she is sponsored by Absolute Touch. How about the suits for the show? It is a good thing Lisa McLean-Smagac has another sponsor in suit maker KH Customs as her present suit is over $1,000.

McLean-Smagac wants young women to continue in sport no matter which one they choose. She wants all women to reach their goals.

“There is no age limit,” she says.

This pro has a never give up attitude but wants to remind us it is a life/sport/family balance and it can’t be an obsession or something has to give.

If you want to see Thunder Bay’s newest professional female body builder she will be a guest poser at the Thunder Bay Body Building Championships at the Community Auditorium tonight.

I wish Lisa McLean Smagac all the best in Vancouver. She is a role model and an inspiration to many.

Johan Vass is a Thunder Bay-based writer. Reach her at jvass@tbaytel.net.

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