Ten years after archeologists David Norris and Arlene Lahti began an archeological business in their basements, their Woodland Heritage Northwest service has become a critical component to many area industries, with mining being at the top of the list.

About a dozen doctors who work in some of the most remote communities in Northwestern Ontario are to come under the umbrella of a First Nation-led health agency starting this summer.

The Ontario government’s budget presented on Thursday was the hot topic during the second day of the Thunder Bay District Municipal League conference Friday at the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel.


The icebreaking vessel Samuel Risley was busy with its first full day of work in Thunder Bay harbour on Friday. The Canadian Coast Guard vessel first broke free local tugs that are also assisting with icebreaking duties. The Thunder Bay Port Authority said that due to this year’s mild winter…

Nearly 75 per cent of Marathon residents who responded to a survey about the prospect of allowing backyard chicken coops in residential areas said they are supportive of the idea.

Red Lake Miners goaltender Jack Osmond, centre, robs Thunder Bay North Stars’ Colby Feist of a first-period goal during Game 2 of the Superior International Junior Hockey League quarterfinal series on Friday at Fort William Gardens. At left are Miners Jonah DesRosiers and Ty Woodard. E.J. Pa…