Taw Connors is pictured outside his hometown community centre in Geraldton.

Taw Connors, son of the late Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors, is bringing his current tour to Thunder Bay Thursday.

Connors will play a show at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6).

He calls it a Memorial Tribute to Our Canadian Legend, Tom Connors, Performed By His Son, Canadian Stompper Taw Connors. There are two letter “p”s there to differentiate him from his dad.

Connors explains how he took up touring on his own:

“Now there’s no two Stomppin’ Tom fellas, nor will there ever be, but my wife and my children have been telling me, you have got to do this, you sound too much like your father and the Canadian people are going to want to hear your father’s great songs again and see the resemblance.

“I have also always been one of my father’s biggest fans and I deeply respect what he has done for our country and our people.

“My father’s legacy is very important to me and to many Canadians, but I’m a man that leads with his heart and I still needed an incentive or a sign of some kind to ensure this was the right move. It came in the early spring of 2016, when I was performing my father’s songs for the long-care facility in Geraldton,” his home town.

Connors explains that the show went on much longer than planned because people were enjoying so much. As it ended, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient was helped to the front of the stage.

“Now this fella had seen my father play back in the day,” Connors writes. “ . . . he shook my hand vigorously with a big smile on his face and said thank you.

“This fella thought I was my father, and at that moment I felt goosebumps running down one arm and up the other . . . I thought to myself, if this is not the incentive I needed, I will never find it, and if my father’s songs and music can bring happiness for one Canadian, it can bring memories and happiness for many more Canadians.

“I’m now following my dream and my passion with the support of my wife and my daughters along with many other supportive Canadians in the journey to keeping my father’s legacy, and the importance of our country and our people through songs and music.”

Thursday’s CLE show is being sponsored by the Metis Nation of Ontario.

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