Stay sharp

The Flamethrower, from Toronto, juggles knives during the Buskers Festival on Sunday.

Caly Norris hadn’t been at the Buskers Festival for very long Sunday before she already had a balloon animal and watched a man juggle lit torches.

The seven-year-old’s favourite part of The Flamethrower’s act was when he performed tricks with the torches.

“I thought he was going to lose them,” said Caly. “I thought he was actually going to die because he was juggling knives and torches.”

Caly attended the 7th annual Buskers Festival, which was held Saturday and Sunday on Bay and Algoma streets, with her mother Christmas Norris.

“We like to come every year,” said Norris. “You get to see some incredible shows you normally don’t see. You get to go on the street and experience something with other people that you normally don’t see during the year.”

The first act they watched was the Flamethrower, one of the many out-of-town acts featured in the weekend’s festivities.


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