REGINA - Voters won't even need to get out of their vehicles to cast a ballot in Regina's civic election next month.

The city is offering a drive-thru advance polling station in the hope it might encourage a higher voter turnout.

Four years ago, only 33 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot; in 2009, the turnout was even lower at 21 per cent.

Chief returning officer Jim Nicol says the idea is to make it as easy and straightforward as possible.

An advance drive-thru booth will be set up on the same block as city hall between Oct. 19 and Oct. 21.

Drivers will be able to drive up to a booth, show their ID and voter registration card and get a ballot in return.

"The person at the booth will review your form with your identification and then will hand you a ballot to fill out in the privacy of your vehicle," Nicol explains.

"The official never sees anything that you have marked on there. It is all very private and confidential."

Nicol says there really isn't any reason for people to say it is too difficult to vote.

"We know how popular drive-thru restaurants and coffee shops are. Why not get in on that?"

The civic election is Oct. 26.


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