BAG lunches, corn dogs, frisbee and pool tournaments, gift baskets and pre-loved party frocks . . . what on earth do all these things have in common, you may ask? The answer is simple — they are all unique and creative ways in which members of our community have come together to offer financial support to Hospice Northwest.

Third party fundraisers, for those unfamiliar with the term, involve independent projects undertaken by an individual or organization, for the purpose of raising funds for a chosen charity. In simpler terms, they are a wonderful way for individuals to support local charities.

In today’s digital world, people have become empowered to step up in support of causes near and dear to their hearts by hosting their own food sales, tournaments or social events.

The following are examples of some of the fundraisers that have been organized in support of Hospice Northwest. We are grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge these groups and offer a huge thank you in return.

In May 2019, Southbridge Pinewood Long Term Care cooked up dozens of delicious corn dogs and also held a 50/50 draw, with the proceeds going to Hospice Northwest. We can’t thank them enough for putting on this fundraiser for us.

Another group who direct their energies towards helping out local charities is the Trailblazers League. They are a co-ed adult league that encourages competitive play and prioritizes improvement, learning, and the joy of playing.The league pays respect to “trailblazers” who made seminal contributions to the growth, depth, and strength of Thunder Bay.

In their honour, the league also donates a portion of its profits to local organizations like Hospice Northwest, that represent a trailblazer for community enhancement. Thank you to Justin and Tim for organizing the frisbee tournament and for your generous donation towards Hospice Northwest.

Hospice Northwest had more to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, when the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Team raffled off a beautiful gift basket in support of our organization. Each item in the basket was donated by their staff members. Because of this initiative, they were able to donate $240 in cash and $100.00 in Walmart gift cards.

Also in the fall of 2019, the Hospice Northwest staff learned of a small group of ladies who meet once a month for a lunch date, but instead of spending $25 at a nice restaurant, they bring a bag lunch and pool their donations together to give to a local charity. They call themselves the Acts of Kindness group, and they collectively decide where the donated funds should go. Priority is given to organizations that find a donation of a few hundred dollars makes a huge difference. The staff at Hospice Northwest was incredibly touched to be the charity of choice for October.

In November 2019, the Thunder Bay Pool Players, led by Alexander Whittaker, chose Hospice Northwest to be the recipient of the Shannon Marshall Memorial Tournament hosted by the Elks Lodge 82. We feel so honoured that this group chose our organization this year.

Whittaker explained the reasoning for choosing Hospice Northwest.

“This annual tournament had a lot of amazing people helping to fund raise in the memory of my aunt,” he said. “We would like to alternate each year and donate one year to helping animals and the next year to helping people who are dying. My Aunt loved animals and when she was dying she deserved better in her end-of-life journey. By supporting Hospice Northwest I know others will have the care they need.”

Another third party fundraiser coming up in February has the staff at Hospice Northwest very excited. Who Gives a Frock is an exclusive cocktail evening hosted by Autohome Paints and will feature a pre-loved boutique of gently used dresses, a Chinese Coin Purse Grab and specially curated prizes. The event will be a fun night out with tasty treats and delicious appetizers. Only 175 tickets will be available. In the past, this event has raised over $40,000 for local charities. Hospice Northwest is honoured to be the recipient of the funds for 2020.

Fundraising is hard work but it can also be incredibly fulfilling for those involved in its triumphs. When individuals or organizations come together to host events such as these in support of local charities, Thunder Bay’s giant heart comes shining through.

If you or your group would like to host a third party fundraiser in support of Hospice Northwest, please give us a call at 626-5570.

Making Moments Matter is a monthly column from Hospice Northwest which examines various aspects of palliative support and bereavement services. It appears on the Healthstyle page of The Chronicle-Journal on the first Tuesday of each month. Call Hospice Northwest at 626-5570 for more information.

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