Made a difference

People’s Party of Canada Thunder Bay-Rainy River candidate Alan Aubut amassed over 2,500 votes.

The People’s Party of Canada may have denied a Conservatives victory in at least one federal Northwestern Ontario riding, but one PPC candidate said he has no regrets about that.

In a post-election interview on Tuesday, Thunder Bay-River River candidate Alan Aubut said he wouldn’t have expected any of the more than 2,500 people who voted for him to mark an X for a Conservative.

“They wouldn’t vote Conservative, because there is very little difference between the Liberal, NDP and the Conservative platforms,” contended Aubut, who lives in Nipigon.

The PPC party, Aubut maintains, gave voters not inclined to support the Conservatives under party leader Erin O’Toole “a real option.”

He added: “People should be able to vote for the candidate they like — not just against someone.”

According to unofficial results on Elections Canada’s website, Thunder Bay-Rainy River Conservative candidate Adelina Pecchia would have won the riding Monday night if all of Aubut’s votes had gone to her instead.

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