Birthday wishes

Bob Carroll sings Happy Birthday to his wife Helen with a megaphone outside of St. Joseph’s Hospital earlier this week.

With visitor restrictions in place at health- and long-term care facilities in Thunder Bay as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, family members of residents and patients are getting creative in their celebrations.

Earlier this week, Bob Carroll sang Happy Birthday to his wife Helen from the parking lot of St. Joseph’s Hospital with a megaphone as Helen is a patient on the fifth floor.

The couple have been married for 66 years and both live in the Sister Leila Greco apartments on Lillie Street. However, Helen has been at St. Joseph’s for the last three weeks for physiotherapy.

Bob, who will be 91 years old in April, still found a way to sing to his wife on her 89th birthday on Tuesday despite there not being visitors allowed. Helen opened her window to hear Bob sing and hospital staff brought Helen cupcakes, which she shared with fellow patients at the hospital.

Helen is expected to return home to her apartment with Bob soon.

The video of Bob’s birthday salute can be seen on YouTube.

And on Friday at Sister Leila Greco, Mary Derkatch got two visitors outside her apartment window for her 91st birthday.

Her great-grandsons Easton and Bauer Taylor showed up with a birthday poster and balloons to help their Babcha celebrate her birthday.

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