Eating burgers for a good cause

Angela Beaucage, co-chair of the United Way campaign for 2019, left, takes a bite of a Daytona’s burger offered up by John Collins, the restaurant’s owner.

If sharing a meal brings people together then local food blogger Nick Lee is pretty sure a new United Way fundraising campaign designed around burgers is going to be a big success.

Dubbed Novemburger, the month-long campaign was launched on Friday and will see 11 local restaurants vie for their signature burger to be voted the best by the community with $2 from the sale of each burger going to the United Way of Thunder Bay.

“We were wanting to include all the local eateries in this event and we wanted to include all age groups too,” said Angela Beaucage, co-chair of the United Way campaign for 2019. “It gets people out, gets people eating and drinking for a whole month.”

Beaucage said she hope they raise thousands of dollars while encouraging “the entire community of Thunder Bay to come out and help us, this is a really easy challenge.”

Andrew Richert, United Way campaign co-chair, said they were overwhelmed by the response from local restaurants to take part in the fundraiser.

“We approached a bunch of different restaurants in town, we wanted to keep the emphasis on local because that’s what our emphasis is and they jumped on board,” said Richert. “There’s something for everybody, there’s a barbecue burger loaded with brie cheese, there’s a vegetarian option, no matter what your taste is there’s something that’s going to appeal to you.”

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