Pews welcome parishioners

Bishop Fred Colli inspects St. Patrick’s Cathedral to ensure that floors and pews are marked properly for a maximum of 170 parishioners per mass.

Bells will be ringing this weekend calling Catholic parishioners back to church. Thunder Bay Bishop Fred Colli announced parishes that have met the requirements to prepare for social distancing for their congregations and have put safety measures in place will open for mass celebrations at regular mass times this weekend.

Colli is hopeful that all 17 Thunder Bay-area churches, including Fort William First Nation, will be ready.

Every Catholic parish received a reopening plan from the diocese which emphasizes the safety of the parishioners when they come to mass. Pews will not be filled to capacity and there will be attendance limits for services. The plan includes social distancing and other measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus and a sense of hospitality and concern for one another.

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