Community coffee card supporters

Linda Bruins with Evergreen A United Neighbourhood, second from left, and Kimberly Russell with Our Kids Count Big Brother Big Sister, fourth from left, are joined by coffee shop owners to start the community coffee card, from left, Scott Morrison from The Habit, Cory Furlonger from The Groggy Toad, Errin DeLorenzi with Sweet North, Noreen Gracey with The Study, Josie Montanaro from Club Cappuccino, Brian Hamilton from Bean Fiend, and Miriam Laydunn with The Habit.

With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Linda Bruins called it fantastic that Evergreen A United Neighbourhood is one of two charities benefiting from the annual Community Coffee Card program that started on Tuesday in Thunder Bay.

“I believe in working together for the greater good,” said Bruins. “And it’s Christmas, it’s time to celebrate.”

In it’s sixth year, the Community Coffee Card program is a way for local coffee shops to come together “in a spirit of unity and solidarity to raise money for local charities,” said Brian Hamilton, owner of the Bean Fiend.

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