Shoreline work

A draft plan for Chippewa Park includes removing the 70-year-old wooden dock as well as the retaining wall and fence.

Public input is being gathered on a draft plan to remove the nearly 70-year-old wooden dock and breakwater at Chippewa Park.

Erosion protection for shoreline and maintaining the fish habitat is also part of the plan prepared by JML Engineering on behalf of the City of Thunder Bay and the Friends of Chippewa Park.

The project is being funded by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Parks and Conservation and public feedback will be considered in the planning and design of the project.

“The draft plan provides a realistic process for not only removing the dock and protecting the existing fish habitat, but for providing a long-term design that will separate the land from the water, significantly reducing the siltation into the bay while at the same time reducing the impact from wave and ice action on the shoreline,” said Iain Angus, project manager for Friends of Chippewa Park, in a news release.

The plan also returns the swimming area beach, which has been closed for years because of the risk of E. coli in the water, to a more natural setting, added Angus.

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