Getting prepared for climate emergencies

City Coun. Andrew Foulds, left, is the chairperson of the city’s EarthCare advisory committee.

City council will be asked to declare a climate emergency in Thunder Bay at its first regular meeting of the year on Monday.

Thunder Bay’s EarthCare climate adaptation working group, led by chairperson Aynsley Klassen, is set to make a deputation to council asking for them to declare a symbolic climate emergency.

Klassen said this is not a declaration under the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act that would include asking the province for resources, but it’s about sending a strong message to other levels of government that strong climate action is required.

“It’s also building awareness among residents around climate change and also building support for municipal climate action,” she said, adding they’re asking the City of Thunder Bay to use the climate emergency as a frame or lens to look through when making municipal decisions.

The working group is also asking the city to set more ambitious climate goals.

“So we’re sending a real, clear message and we’re recognizing the reality of the situation we’re in,” said Klassen. “It’s not until we name it appropriately, we start to respond appropriately.”

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