Taking donations again

Klaus Ussling, left, donates items to Value Village as store manager Chris Markall and donation attendant Brandon Lambert look on. Proceeds from the sale of donated items go to Diabetes Canada.

Diabetes Canada is gradually resuming clothing donation collections and is encouraging people to donate any used clothing and textiles that they no longer need.

“After a temporary closure due to COVID-19, the organization is resuming its clothing collection services based on provincial reopening guidelines and will coincide its reopening with the availability of its supply chain partners,” said Diabetes Canada spokesperson Kathleen Powderley in a media release.

Meanwhile, Value Village, who has been in a partnership with Diabetes Canada since since 2002, is currently accepting donations with a percentage of the proceeds funnelling back to Diabetes Canada.

Value Village store manager Chris Markall says it’s been a great relationship.

“They collect their donations and drop them off and we pay them for all the donations that come in,” he said. “We will pay them further for donations received at the (Value Village) store as well.

Donations can be dropped off at any of the bins located around the city or at the store.

“We have a donation attendant that will bring a cart over for you to unload your vehicle,” said Markall. “Unfortunately right now, we can’t go into vehicles so you would have to unload your own vehicle . . . but we will have the bins available with the team member to accept it.”

Bins located around the city are operated by Diabetes Canada who picks up those items and drops them off at the store.

(This story was originally published on June 25, 2020)

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