Plant oasis

From front, Katherine Cornish, Lenora Naylor and Carole Freeborn help celebrate the Botanical Conservatory’s 50th anniversary.

The Thunder Bay Centennial Botanical Conservatory celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday with cake and balloons and music and lots of people.

“It’s really satisfying to see so many people here,” said Sharon Sidler, co-chair of the Friends of the Conservatory. “Since the group started, this has been our star in the sky, this is what we’ve been really looking forward to celebrating this 50 years at Canada’s 150th birthday as well.”

The conservatory was built in 1967 to replace the city’s existing greenhouse on Arthur Street, but also as a way to mark the country’s 100th birthday.

Some people wanted to build a minor hockey rink for a centenary project, explained Rob McCormack, one of the founders of the conservatory and former secretary-general manager of the Fort William parks and recreation board.

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