Eagle soars another day

Dryden city police Const. Cody Fedorchuk, left, sits with the saved eagle as Const. Logan Randell drives.

The eagle had indeed landed, but in the worst possible place: the centreline of a busy highway.

And it likely might have got squashed by a transport truck Friday morning, if a couple of humane-minded Dryden city police officers hadn’t taken the big bird under their wing.

According to special Const. Cody Fedorchuk, he and his partner, Const. Logan Randell, came upon the apparently stunned bald eagle on Highway 17 around 11:30 a.m.

“It was just sitting there, not moving,” Fedorchuk, who grew up on a farm, recalled. “I was a bit nervous about approaching it, because a bird that big could do a lot of damage. It was definitely full-grown.”

Fedorchuk figured the eagle had likely been scavenging on the roadside, then sent for a loop after getting picked up in an updraft by a passing transport.

As Fedorchuk cautiously approached the eagle, he threw his coat over it. The bird didn’t move, so Fedorchuk scooped it up, then got into the police cruiser, sitting on the passenger seat with the still-covered eagle on his lap. He said its weight was comparable to a Christmas turkey.

Randell drove. The bird didn’t make a sound.

It was likely the only time a bald eagle had ever been taken into custody.

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