Partnership celebrated

Nokiiwin Tribal Council and affiliates pose for a group photograph while celebrating a G’minoomaadozimin health and safety partnership on Thursday.

Nokiiwin Tribal Council has solidified a health and safety partnership with five organizations that have an emphasis on mental health in First Nations workplaces.

“It is important because . . . we all need to be safe . . . it is also a opportunity to really reconnect, reaffirm our traditional value systems,” Audrey Gilbeau, executive director of Nokiiwin Tribal Council, told The Chronicle-Journal on Thursday.

“It provides a much more positive foundation for our communities even when times can be difficult.”

The health and safety partnership is in place with Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers, Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, Workplace Safety North, and Public Services Health and Safety Association.

Nokiiwin Tribal Council supports the six communities they represent through a steering committee, which helps provide services to them, including technical, governance, economic development, community planning and enhanced services.

Gilbeau said they have now added what they call . . .

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