Museums together

Founders’ Museum and Pioneer Village, at the corner of Highway 61 and Gillespie Road, will also be the new home for the Duke Hunt Historical Museum.

The Duke Hunt Historical Museum is getting a new home.

Owned and operated by the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge — the Duke Hunt Museum is now in the process of having its collection moved from the former site of the Rosslyn Village School to the Founders’ Museum and Pioneer Village.

“We are trying to put the museum’s altogether into one because we are running two museum’s and it’s kind of difficult and costly,” Lois Garrity, curator of the Duke Museum and Founder’s Museum and Pioneer Village, told The Chronicle-Journal on Wednesday.

Both museums have been closed for the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will not open this year.

Currently, the museum’s staff of four are working on the move. Work is expected to start this week on refurbishing the Slate River Hall — a building located on the Founders’ site that will house the Duke Hunt collection.

“We will not be mixing the two collections, the collection will stay separate,” said Garrity.

The collections will be kept separate because The Duke Hunt’s collection is more representative of the history of the Slate River, Kakabeka, and Stanley area and the history of pioneer families. Garrity says the Founders’ collection is more eclectic, covering the whole district of Thunder Bay.

The Duke Hunt Museum was, for many years, the Oliver Paipoonge Museum and had moved to Rosslyn Village School site in 2009.

The office for the Duke Hunt Museum is being set up in the Founders’ train station and items from the Duke Hunt collection will be stored in a large trailer until the hall is ready.

“We are not getting rid of anything,” said Garrity. “We are going to keep everything we have; and I know word got out that they were going to sell some stuff. Well, that’s not going to happen.”

The plan for both museums is to get them open for the spring of 2021.

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