Finding FASD support

Nearly 200 people attended the NorWest Community Health Centres fetal alcohol spectrum disorder annual training event on Tuesday at the Italian Cultural Centre.

Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder have a better chance of leading successful lives if they have support.

“We have a lot of people in our community who are doing well,” said Maureen Parkes, FASD coordinator with the NorWest Community Health Centres. “They’re going to school. They’re parenting. They have jobs. They’re doing well.”

But there are other individuals with the same diagnosis who are struggling, added Parkes.

“Often we found the ones who are being successful are being supported or given the best support and good interventions,” she said.

On Tuesday, 180 people attended the health centres’ FASD annual training event at the Italian Cultural Centre.

Educators, social workers, mental health workers, people working in the justice system and other frontline workers learned about the best ways to support individuals with FASD.

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