Giving to a good cause

Brittany Paul and her ninth Girl Guide troupe, is helping Grace Place raise funds to shelter the homeless.

Nine-year-old Brittany Paul is working hard on a project with the ninth Girl Guide Unit, to raise funds for an important cause.

Paul has created a page on Fund Hub to raise funds for the Grace Place Coldest Night of the Year Walk that will support the Out of the Cold Program.

Her campaign is going very well as she has already raised 460 per cent of her goal.

Paul was asking for a fundraising goal of $75 and donors have topped that with $345.

Melody Macsemchuk, a pastor at Grace Place, says their overall goal is to raise $70,000 for the campaign.

The Out of the Cold program, provides 15 over-night spots, a hot meal, access to a shower, laundering of clothes, limited medical assistance clean pajamas, a breakfast and a bagged lunch to go the next day.

The walk will take place on Feb. 22 with registration beginning at 3 p.m. at Summit Church at 515 N. Syndicate Ave.

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