Get your HAGI bingo cards and dabbers ready and tune into the 17th season of HAGI TV Bingo, which started on Sept. 12.

Michelle Vecchione, an intern with the Handicap Action Group Inc., (HAGI), says at the end of last season, the bingo cards became a hot commodity.

”Ever since last season, we’ve experienced something that has never happened before,” she said, adding that HAGI bingo began in 2004.

“We sold out of cards every single week from about March all the way to when the season ended in May. That’s something that’s never happened before.”

Vecchione said they saw a trend with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions where people were staying home and looking for an activity that they can do at home.

This season, more bingo cards will be available.

“We are much more prepared this season,” she said.

On the weeks that the prize lot is $3,000, the card numbers have been increased to 5,000 cards and on the weeks that the prize lot is $5,000, the card numbers have been increased to 6,000 cards that will be available. Both have been increased by 1,000 additional cards.

“We have bingo players who have supported us for many years, and we are now getting new first-time players as well,” Vecchione said, in a news release.

“With this increased support we received last season, we were able to sponsor approximately 120 individuals to attend the fully wheelchair accessible campsite, the Wilderness Discovery Centre. HAGI also supported other charitable organizations including the Regional Food Distribution Association, Therapeutic Riding Association and the Wheelchair Curling Club.”

HAGI Bingo will take place each Saturday at 6 p.m. on CKPR Television until Dec. 19, and from Jan. 9 to May 15.

Visit for a list of all locations to purchase cards.

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