Gardens planting in June at Centennial Botanical Conservatory

Young gardeners participate in the planting and harvesting of vegetables in this year's Children's Garden at the Centennial Botanical Conservatory.

On Wednesday evening, children joined the Friends of the Conservatory in harvesting the vegetables from the Children's Community Gardens.

The Gardens were planted by children in June and this week they harvested onions, potatoes, squash and tomatoes.

With this new program, children were taught how to plant and harvest vegetables and flowers.

The children have also learned about biodiversity, beekeeping, water conservation and sustainability through this program.

It is the hope that this experience will encourage children to continue to garden in the future. The children and their families look a selection of fresh vegetables home with them.

The children left their remaining vegetables at the Conservatory for the public to take and enjoy.

Thank you to all those who watered and maintained the gardens throughout the summer.

Thanks to the master gardeners and our many volunteers who helped make this program a great success.

The Friends Community/Straw Bale Garden is still in growing mode and we encourage visitors to check out the gardens while visiting the Conservatory.

The garden is located on the west side of the property.

The fence is to keep the deer out, not people. So have a look around, if something is ripe, please help yourself.

- Submitted by Kathleen Ott

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