In gear amid pandemic

Jordan Arnold, left, and Brennan Joseph sported protective masks and gloves as they walked along Leith Street Tuesday morning.

Jordan Arnold and Brennan Joseph walked down May and Leith streets on Tuesday morning, wearing full-on protective masks and gloves.

“We were actually just incarcerated and we were in jail when this whole thing broke out,” said Arnold.

“They are literally throwing people out of the jails because they’re scared that the pandemic’s going to be rampant through the justice system,” said Joseph. “The doctors there, themselves, are scared to even treat us at the jails.”

“So we took the precautionary needs that we need to do to make sure we are safe, and if we have it (virus) ourselves, not to spread it,” said Arnold.

With a second chance at straightening out their paths, Joseph said he is going to find his father to help him with his plans. Arnold said he is going with them. After that, Arnold said he will reach out to Teen Challenge.

Earlier Tuesday, Sylvia Jones, the solicitor general, and Christine Elliott, deputy premier and minister of health, issued a statement identifying operational changes to Ontario's adult correctional facilities as a precautionary response to COVID-19.

“Effective March 13, 2020 and until further notice, intermittent inmates who serve time on the weekends will be required to attend their reporting facility, where they will be given a temporary absence from custody and permitted to return home,” the statement read. “Intermittent inmates have already been deemed low-risk by the courts and remain in the community Monday to Friday to live and work.”

The statement also said that personal visits within adult correctional facilities across the province are temporarily suspended until further notice. Professional visits, including legal counsel, will continue.

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