Financial boost for school supplies

Algonquin Avenue Public School Grade 7 students, front and centre,

Kaiden Secheskoi and Damien Papequash hold the presentation cheque at

Algonquin Avenue Public School on Wednesday. The local Staples store

and the Kiwanis Club presented Algonquin and Bishop Gallagher Senior

Elementary School with $9,200 for school supplies.

Two city schools will use funds raised for school supplies to bring

more technology into the classroom.

On Wednesday, Thunder Bay’s Staples general manager Lisa Thoms

presented Bishop Gallagher Senior Elementary School and Algonquin

Avenue Public School with more than $9,200 from its annual school

supply fundraiser.

The two schools will split the money evenly.

“It was a big surprise, but a nice surprise,” said Frank Lacaria,

principal at Bishop Gallagher. “Coming out of a virtual world, the

remote learning world, it’s always nice to have a little extra money

to spend on our school.”

Lacaria said most of the money will go towards electronic devices for

the classrooms.

“I think it’s important our students see devices are in our school,”

he said. “They have a relationship with devices at home. They need to

have that same relationship at school. I think it’s vital to their

learning and learning environment, especially if they can relate with

their teachers in regards to leveraging digital in ways that will

only help their learning and extend their learning.”

Algonquin’s vice-principal Leesa McCarville said they’ll use their

portion of the money for art supplies and also tech.

“We’re trying to get as much technology in the school so that kids

are able to access the new curriculum, especially the math

curriculum,” she said. “Coding is really huge right now.”

Thoms said her team at the local Staples store was on board with this

fundraiser and the majority of the money was raised through asking

customers at the till if they’d be willing to donate to towards the

cause. The Thunder Bay Kiwanis Club also donated $500.

“This year we were able to raise more money than any year in my 13

years with Staples,” said Thoms.

“I’m so proud of the effort put forth by the team to raise over $9,200.”