Resolute Forest Products would not confirm Thursday what many in Fort Frances are hoping to be true: that negotiations are underway between the company and a potential U.S. purchaser for the town’s dormant mill.

“We don’t negotiate in public or through the media,” said Montreal-based Resolute spokesman Seth Kursman.

Though Resolute won’t confirm it, town officials and locals believe that preliminary talks regarding the Fort Frances mill have begun between Resolute and Repap.

The Resolute-owned pulp mill has been closed for more than five years, but Repap is believed to have a plan to resurrect it by manufacturing specialty paper bags — if it can get access to wood from the mill’s traditional source, the Crown Crossroute forest.

Repap’s plan has the backing of the Unifor union, which it says would create hundreds of jobs. Resolute has cautioned against creating false hopes for the mill.

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