Drawing the shots

Miranda Silts draws COVID-19 vaccine shots from bottles into the needles — producing six shots per bottle. Silts estimates they have drawn more than 1,000 shots already.

Nipigon will see an increase of available COVID-19 vaccine this week and next.

Clinics will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays with 250 shots given each day. As of Thursday, the area of Dorion to Nipigon and Rocky Bay has had 1,639 vaccine jabs administered, plus over 400 shots given by Dilico and the Red Rock Indian Band.

The health team is down into the 50s age range and expects to be serving people in their 40s by next week. Appointments can be made by calling the Family Health Team or looking to see if the online appointment site is up and running.

The health team is looking forward to be able to fill the four clinics in the next two weeks, which will boost the vaccination totals.

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