Gathering to mourn

Some mourners at the vigil at Lakehead University on Saturday knew victims of the plane crash in Iran personally, while many felt it was important to grieve together after the tragic event.

The impact of last week’s tragic plane crash in Iran echoed into Thunder Bay on Saturday when more than 150 people gathered at Lakehead University to console a hurting community.

“It’s important to recognize that these victims existed,” said Niloufar Sadroddini, president of Lakehead’s Iranian Cultural Association (LICA), which organized the vigil.

“They were someone’s wife, son, father and they each had a story to share.”

Among the 176 passengers and crew on board Flight PS752, 138 were destined for Canada before it crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran, Iran, on Jan. 8. The tragedy resonated with mourners across all backgrounds who showed their support on Saturday.

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