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Ontario Native Women’s Association executive director Cora-Lee McGuire-Cyrette, left, holds a copy of the first edition of the organization’s new magazine, She is Wise, dedicated to telling the stories of Indigenous women. Dorothy Wynne, right, is featured in the magazine’s first cover story and was in attendance at the She is Wise launch on Friday at the Best Western Plus NorWester Hotel.

Indigenous women are not victims.

“They’re survivors,” said Cora-Lee McGuire-Cyrette, executive director of the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA). “They’re resilient. They’re leaders. They’re reclaiming their role each and every single day.”

Discussing those successes and strengths as well the serious issues Indigenous women face from sexual violence and human trafficking is what will create change and ONWA is looking to do that with its new magazine She is Wise.

The magazine was launched on Friday at the Best Western Plus NorWester Hotel with the first edition of the biannual publication unveiled.

The magazine was developed to have a magazine for Indigenous women by Indigenous women, said McGuire-Cyrette.

“It provides us the space and opportunity to talk about the issues of importance that nobody else is talking about,” she said, noting it will touch on topics the rest of the public has a difficult time having a conversation about like identity as a result of colonization.

“This is part of decolonizing the story that’s been told regarding Indigenous women not only in Ontario, but in Canada and round the world,” said McGuire-Cyrette.

She is Wise is also funded solely by ONWA and without any investments from any governments or private partners, the magazine gives the organization a chance to not hold back.

“(ONWA) sees a need to address violence against Indigenous women through education and awareness,” said McGuire-Cyrette. “This is one of the venues and tools we have in order to have that conversation.”

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