Packages continue to pile up at Ryden’s Border Store after months of the U.S.-Canada border being closed. The closure has stopped all non-essential travel between the two countries. A new arrangement this week by senior government officials will see the borders remain closed for another 30 days into late August.

Amid the closure, Lori Boomer, owner of Ryden’s Border Store in Grand Portage, Minn., is taking parcel storage to new heights — literally up to the ceiling.

“We are not getting the bulk every day like we do at Christmas and everybody has clearly backed off of online shopping, but we are still receiving small amounts every day,” said Boomer. “That being said, they still have to have somewhere to go because nothing is going out. Our motel is full and we are utilizing every square inch.”

A vacant motel on the property has been converted to storage and all the rooms are full.

Boomer says they are not sending any parcels back nor are they forwarding anything.

“We are just holding everything,” she said. “It’s nobody’s fault because we are all in this together . . . and we’ll find room.”

Boomer says she foresaw the border closure and expects it could be extended again.

“The weather has just been phenomenal, I know this would have been an incredible year tourist-wise too . . . and that’s unfortunate,” she said.

This is the fourth time the closure has been renewed since March 21. The border was set to open on July 21, but another 30 days has been added.

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